Just when you thought there were no more caves… There are caves!!!

It seems I am addicted to caving. We went to Two caves near the Town of Ban Mae La Na: Coral Cave and Diamond Cave.

We got a guide at the village, and she lead us through the fairly long caves. We originally wanted to go to the Mae La Na cave which is about 12 KM long, but the unusually wet weather has made the water that cave to deep for safe exploring (damn self-preservation instincts).

Both Caves features some amazing formations

ahhh a cave spider!!!

Coral Cave even had an old fallen column that could be used as a drum!

Turn the volume up to hear the drums! (ya I know the lighting sucks.. what do you expect we are in a cave!)

On the way back to Mae Hong Song we caught a great sunset

Here are the pics from Coral Cave

and here are the pics from Diamond cave

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