Into the wilds

Tomorrow morning we go on a 4 day trek into the jungles on the boarder between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Our Guide from the Karen hill tribe, and has many Friends in the KNU (the Karen Army… they are fighting for an independent state in Myanmar) so we may get to visit some of their camps.

I should have plenty of stories, and pictures when I return.

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  1. On your peice of donating for Hurricane Katrina, my question is why not donate money for this cause. I was in Hurricane Rita and I lost my job and car. Today I received a note from the bank saying I am in default and owe $20,000.00 dollars for a vehicle I know longer have. I am still awaiting on my insurance which will only give me blue book value (about $7,000.00 dollars) for the vehicle. I wish I could get some financial help, I am 45 with three children and a wife. We also lost our home. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

    Ed Johnson

  2. to Ed:

    As bad as your situation seems, there are countless others who have it much worse. I never said that donating for hurricane relief as not a worthy cause, but I feel that there are people more deserving.

    I wish you all the best.

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