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Intense Jealousy

I am not a jealous person… or at least I wasn’t until I saw this picture:

NASA astronaut Don Pettit, Expedition 31 flight engineer, posing with more digital cameras than you can shake a stick at in the International Space Station

(h/t boingboing)

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  1. Hi Dan,

    Just wondering if the auto generated comments from this website showing up on old threads at Bart’s is purposeful or accidental?

    • Sorry. Completely accidental. I had a massive database crash and am rebuilding the site. This means I have to go back through old posts and fix a bunch of stuff. It looks like wordpress is sending out pingbacks as I fix the old posts. I haven’t yet tinkered with all the settings so this appears to be the default behaviour. I have changed that now.

      Sorry. I’ll send an email to Bart apologising for this and telling him to delete all the unintentional spam.

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