If your climate change plan sucks, make sure to silence critics

The Conservative climate change plan sucks. Absolute targets for emissions reductions are set so far in the future that they ensure that the inaction that started under the Liberals will continue under the Conservatives.

As action on climate change has gained importance amongst voters the Conservatives been scrambling to greenwash their image, even going as far as reimplementing Liberal programs that they cancelled when they won the last election. But that hasn’t been enough to convince voters that the Conservatives have become green, and as a measure of desperation the Conservatives have begun silencing their climate change critics.

The Conservative government has hamstrung another House of Commons committee to keep it from hearing unflattering testimony, opposition parties charged yesterday.

The work of the House environment committee ground to a halt when the Conservative chairman, Bob Mills, stepped down rather than hear from a respected economist who has panned the government’s climate-change targets…

The environment committee had been expecting yesterday to hear from Mark Jaccard, a Simon Fraser University economist who was lauded this spring by Environment Minister John Baird.

But this week, the conservative-oriented C.D. Howe Institute published a scathing review by Dr. Jaccard of the government’s climate-change targets.

If your climate change plan sucks, make sure to silence critics, otherwise people will get the impression that you don’t really care about climate change.

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