Getting around Bangkok

These are Tuk Tuks They are a great way to get around Bangkok, for a couple bhat (usually).

One way to keep the price down is to allow thetuk tuk to take you to a store (usually a tailor) and all you have to do is look around for a few minutes, and suffer the wrath of the salesmen, then leave and the tuk tuk will take you where you want to go for very few bhat.

Of course as with all things in Bangkok when you ask “how much?” the price you are given is very high, but with a little haggling the price will drop by more that 50% (usually)

UPDATE: Taxis are usually about the same price (if you get them to use the meter) and since they have A/C and air filters (no breathing in Bangkok smog) they are a nicer way to travel… but take a Tuk Tuk at least once, for the experience

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