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Fooling around with my new Camera

Taken in my backyard

The lack of posts here, has been partially due to me (finally!) dropping film and getting my first DSLR. Expect more pictures posted here, and a new site devoted entirely to my photography (hopefully soonish).

UPDATE: And here is a different version (made with a Velvia preset in Lightroom):

2 Responses to Fooling around with my new Camera

  1. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it. Digital is such a productive way to make photos. I still love film but it does take a lot more time.

  2. Not just time, but money. The amount I was spending on film was absurd. And ultimately that is why I got the camera.

    Of course there is something about looking at your slides on a light table for the first time that I am sure I will miss immensely.

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