Dion warms to carbon tax

One more reason to vote for Dion’s Liberals, and lets face it, currently there are very few reasons to vote for them.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has embraced the idea of a national consumer-based carbon tax as part of a way to fight global warming.

In a speech in Vancouver on Friday, Dion said it would have to be revenue-neutral like the new system in British Columbia, where carbon taxes collected on gas, propane and other fossil fuels are returned to corporations and individuals through income tax cuts and credits.

“We can talk about what the best model for putting a price on carbon across Canada might be – but the fact is we need to just do it,” Dion said. “That is what this provincial government has done, and that is what a Liberal government will do.”

Now all we need is for the Liberals to grow a spine and actually vote in opposition to the government in a confidence matter to bring down the Conservatives. Or they could continue to loose what little credibility they have left, and continue to oppose the government with words instead of votes.

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