Denier graph contradictions

Remember last months when deniers were cheering this graph:

Remember how this was used as proof that arctic sea ice had recovered, despite the fact that sea ice volume has continued to decline.

Well now the deniers who were once championing the sea ice has recovered meme, are wilfully ignoring the updated version of the same graph:

Why? Well its obvious isn’t it the blue line which represents this years sea ice extent (not volume, which is a better indicator of sea ice health and has continued to decline) is no longer playing along with their lie. It is now lower (but only just) than the line representing 2007, which was the year with the lowest sea ice extent ever recorded.

So does this mean that we can expect a new record for sea ice extent? This is what Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado has to say:

Could we break another record this year? I think it’s quite possible

But before anyone gets too excited, it is worth reading what William Connolley has to say:

2006 was well below 2007 at this point, and turned out to be uninteresting. As far as I know, no-one believes in predicting the minimum (which, of course, is the only number anyone gives a toss about) based on previous months.

So what is going to happen to the ice this summer? That is anyone’s guess, but a recovery of the sea ice is not likely, despite what deniers claim.

Oh and just in case anyone still has doubts that the deniers are selective in the evidence they highlight take a look at this graph from their favourite temperature series (UAH):

click to embiggen

See the line leading to the little box? That is this years temperatures. Can you imagine the howls of global cooling if that line was as far bellow the others as it is high?  Hell, even with this year being so warm deniers are still claiming that global cooling has begun.

That is denialism pure and simple.

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