Conservative conservationist

From a very uplifting article on the conservative website FrumForum by D.R. Tucker we get a clear, concise conservative/libertarian argument to tackle our GHG emissions:

conservatives and libertarians should strongly support regulation to reduce carbon pollution, since pollution by one entity invariably infringes upon the rights of others (including property rights), and no entity has a constitutional right to pollute.

It really is that simple.

And here is the really uplifting part:

I struggle with the urge to give in to cynicism and bitterness, to write off the American right for its refusal to recognize scientific facts. Thankfully, there’s a stronger urge—an urge to keep working until the American right recognizes that a healthy planet is required to have the life and liberty that allows us to pursue happiness.

We stand a diminished chance of being able to deal with the inevitable change that is coming if an entire wing of the political spectrum becomes detached from reality.

Kudos to D.R. Tucker for working to prevent that from happening.

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