We spent the last while in a region of Thailand called Pangmapha which is famous for its hundreds of caves. We stayed in a village called Ban Tham Lod, which gets its name from Tham Lod (through cave) which is a massive cave that bisects a mountain. We stayed at a place called Cave Lodge which is run by a “crazy Aussie” who has been in the area for almost 30 years.

The place is loaded with character, and one could spend months or years exploring the area.

The only Internet we could find was in Sappong (8kms away) and it was VERY slow dial up.

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  1. hi
    how was ist at cave lodge? worth to go there? I am planning to spend 2 weeks in that region.

  2. Cave Lodge is an amazing place, you can spend the day relaxing and reading (the owner wrote a book about his experiences living in the region and its a great read.), or you can spend the day exploring the may caves in the region (this is tons of fun), and the surrounding hill tribe villages. You can also organize kayaking trips, and treks out of Cave Lodge.

    If you are going to be in the region, a stop at Cave Lodge is a must. It was one of my favourite places of all of SE Asia.

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