Canada be a land o’ pirates, Arrr!

If you believe the crap coming out of the likes of the grog-snarfing buckos that be the RIAA, MPAA BSA, and ESA it seems that Canada be a nation o’ pirates. Arrrrrrr!

A powerful coalition of U.S. software, movie and music producers is urging the Bush administration to put Canada on an infamous blacklist of intellectual property villains, alongside China, Russia and Belize.

Aye it sounds like we be just a bunch o’ low-life, eye-patch wearin’ pirates, but we ain’t alone on the black list. We be in in good company, with our fellow buccaneers Sweden, Switzerland and New Zealand. Don’t ye be believing the yellow-bellied landlubbers.

Why me hearties listen to these scallywags is beyond me, but now that we are on the pirate black list, perhaps I can get me some pirate Booty. Yarrrrr!

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