Canada agrees to next step in Kyoto; is it enough?

The targets under Kyoto are attainable, but remember that Kyoto was just the first step, and the next phase should have lower emissions targets.

A leaked government memo to negotiators in Bonn suggested Canada would oppose extension of the treaty in favour of a voluntary approach. –940 News

We need real absolute targets, not half assed voluntary measures.

UPDATE: There is encouraging news from Bonn, Germany

Countries that are signed up to the Kyoto Protocol reaffirmed plans on Friday to set new, tougher caps on greenhouse gas emissions after 2012 –ENN

It looks like the post-Kyoto caps will likely be lower than the current caps; this is what needs to happen if we are serious about slowing the rate of climate change. Of course there are still many years of negotiations ahead, but this is a good sign.

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  1. This is the most disturbing part of the article

    “There are things we can’t say publicly as government scientists that we can support collectively as members of CMOS,” says one government climate researcher, who spoke only on a promise of anonymity. “There is science that the government doesn’t seem to be listening to.”

    Government scientists should be always be allowed and encouraged to report their findings, regardless of whether they agree with government policy. Basing your policies on good data results in better policies.

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