Bush censors facts that he doesn’t like

Is anyone surprised?

The [US] federal government suppresses or manipulates information about the environment, prescription drugs and public safety, making it increasingly hard for members of the public to learn about matters that could affect their lives.

That was the assessment Monday of former government officials, librarians, scientists and others at a session billed as “a national dialogue with government-openness experts.”

Several speakers suggested the manipulation was politically motivated – a way for the Bush administration to downplay global climate change or appease groups opposed to controversial birth control…

“If the cornerstone of a thriving democracy is an informed electorate, how are people supposed to make informed decisions” if they do not have access to valid information, Dyckman asked.

Policy made from inaccurate facts is bound to fail.

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  1. Ahh, another version of the “Bush is silencing the truth” argument. I can’t remember who, but as some nutso Hollywood Left media darling pronounced that “Bush and Cheney are trying to silence our voices”, a conservative commentator quipped “well I really wish they’d do a better job of it”.

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