Back from the dead

After a small break in blogging I am back, and posts should begin appearing here real soon.

But first here are the two stories that most caught my eyes while I was away:

  1. It turns out that global warming is a lie. Don’t let the shrinking arctic ice cap fool you, temperatures over the past decade have cooled! How do we know?  Thanks to McIntyre’s latest proxy reconstruction:

    As the Telegraph stated so eloquently:

    The scary red line shooting upwards is the one Al Gore, Michael Mann, Keith Briffa and their climate-fear-promotion chums would like you to believe in. The black one, heading downwards, represents scientific reality.

    Really? Cooling? But wait a minute this temperature record doesn’t come from thermometers (how could it it extends back 2000 years), in fact it comes from tree rings.  In fact McIntyre simply fiddled with some data used by other more reliable reconstructions and produced this sharp cooling trend.

    Why do I say the other reconstructions are more reliable? Because they fit with the instrumental record. Or in other words they show warming where we know warming exists. Irrespective of any proxy reconstructions done by anyone, we know (thanks to thermometers)that the we have warmed substantially. There is no sense looking at tree rings to determine temperature when one has a thermometer handy. If your proxy reconstruction shows cooling when we know there was warming then there is clearly something is clearly wrong with it.

    Real Climate has more.

  2. The second story that caught my eye was the Superfreakonomics brouhaha. Basically the authors are clueless on the issue, and, intentionally or not, completely misrepresented the science and the positions of the experts they cite.  The short of it is that they claim geo-engineering is a quick and simple fix. Only problem is that it isn’t.  Even if you ignore ocean acidification like they did.

    The basic gist of this whole thing is a common theme here on this blog. Get your science from scientists, not from economists, politicians, or anyone else.

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