More pics from Uganda

Back In Kampala after spending several nights in a tent in Queen Elizabeth National Park surrounded by lions, hyenas and Hippos. Here are a few pictures of the amazing wildlife we have seen.

Uganda teaser pic

So far I have taken over 2500 pictures. But the internet here is too slow for me to upload much, and you probably want me to go through the mountain of pictures and only show the ones worth showing (who needs to see 75 almost identical pictures of the shoebill?) So for now enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Symphony of Fire

It used to be called the symphony of fire, now it is called the celebration of light which sounds like Christmas to me. Thankfully it is still a bunch of fireworks set off to music.

Gwillim Lakes

Pictures of my recent trip to Gwillim Lakes in Valhalla Provincial Park: The Locals were very friendly… …If a bit skittish. But don’t let the pretty pictures fool you the weather was bitterly cold (just above freezing!) cloudy and wet. But despite the miserable weather the place is absolutely stunning! Here are the rest of... Continue Reading →

Out of the wilderness

I am back from my camping trip to Gwillim lakes. My concerns about fires were completely unfounded; despite the fact that it has been very hot and exceptionally dry for most of the summer, the one week I go camping it was wet and cold. Very, very, cold. Much colder than any August should be.... Continue Reading →

More Birds!

Pictures from my trips to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary I seem to really like the Sandhill Crane. Here are the rest of the pics:

Sandhill Crane

I photographed this Sandhill Crane today at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary Watch out! They are aggressive. I could spend weeks photographing these amazing animals!

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