Apocalypse to occur any day now

The Large Hadron Collider has been activated, and that means the micro black holes that cranks promised would tear the planet apart can’t be far behind.

[Bat shit insane cranks] think a giant particle accelerator [the LHC] that will begin smashing protons together outside Geneva this summer might produce a black hole or something else that will spell the end of the Earth — and maybe the universe.

But don’t worry too much. Actual scientists aren’t concerned, saying that “each collision of a pair of protons in the LHC will release an amount of energy comparable to that of two colliding mosquitoes” and that:

The collisions in the LHC will have an energy content that’s equivalent to that of a cosmic ray hitting the earth with an energy of 1017eV. We’ve measured cosmic rays hitting the earth with energies of up to 1020eV, meaning that we’re really doing nothing new

“nature has already conducted the equivalent of about a hundred thousand LHC experimental programmes on Earth already—and the planet still exists.”

And if that wasn’t convincing enough the LHC Safety Assessment Group, has provided both a fully referenced analysis and a version targeted for the general public.

So no, the world isn’t going to end. This is just one more example of why one should not listen to cranks.

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  1. Why must you make every post about climate change? Given the fact that you have made you opinions about climate change abundantly clear it really is trollish behaviour… but I’ll feed the trolls just this once.

    As for Al Gore, you may deny it, but what he says is broadly supported by the scientific consensus. In fact it is the deniers who repeat fully debunked talking points, don’t publish in the peer-reviewed literature, ignore contradictory research, outright lie and misrepresent the science, who are the cranks, not Al Gore.

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