About those radical foreign interests opposed to the latest tar-sand pipeline [UPDATED]

Rick Mercer injects a whack of sanity and hilarity to the absurd notion that opposition to the Northern Enbridge Gateway pipeline is driven by “foreign interests”

If you are not sure what all of this is about watch this video filled with unintentional hilarity from the slimy ethical oil spokeswomen Kathryn Marshall.

For even more info see here and here.

UPDATE: The hypocrisy knows no bounds:

Rich American foundations are not only footing the bill for opposition to Canada’s oilsands.
Tax returns show the Canadian government has also been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in largesse from some of the wealthiest private organizations in the United States.

And some of that money came from the same U.S. groups that helped fund Canadian environmentalists.

The grants to the federal government come to light as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and the pro-oilsands website EthicalOil.org take Canadian environmental groups to task for accepting money from big American foundations to finance their campaigns against the oilsands.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver accused “environmental and other radical groups” of trying to use money from “foreign special-interest groups” to hijack hearings on a pipeline that would bring Alberta oilsands bitumen to a port on the British Columbia coast.

But the Canadian government seems to have no qualms accepting grant money from private U.S. foundations — including some of the same organizations that gave to Canadian environmental groups.

For example, U.S. tax records show the California-based William and Flora Hewlett Foundation gave $750,000 to the David Suzuki Foundation and a whopping $40 million to the International Development Research Centre, a federal Crown corporation.

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