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Uganda teaser pic

So far I have taken over 2500 pictures. But the internet here is too slow for me to upload much, and you probably want me to go through the mountain of pictures and only show the ones worth showing (who needs to see 75 almost identical pictures of the shoebill?)

So for now enjoy this teaser pic of an African Jacana flying over the Mabamba swamp just after sunrise:

Home sweet home

I am back from my trip to the loveliest fleet of islands anchored in the pacific, and while I didn’t find them to be that exactly, they were indeed nice, if over-developed.

Going away

I am going away for a while, and might not have time/internet access readily available, so posting will slow to a craw, if not completely halt. Also I am turning on comment moderation to keep the trolls and spammers at bay, so be patient if your comment doesn’t appear immediately.

Gwillim Lakes

Pictures of my recent trip to Gwillim Lakes in Valhalla Provincial Park:

Out of the wilderness

I am back from my camping trip to Gwillim lakes. My concerns about fires were completely unfounded; despite the fact that it has been very hot and exceptionally dry for most of the summer, the one week I go camping it was wet and cold.

Back from the Oregon Coast

I am back from a wonderful week on the Oregon coast. I promise to post some pictures as soon as I can go through the hundreds of pictures we took.

On another note I realized something as I was driving home yesterday.

Back to the grind

Well I’ve been back home for a few days now and am slowly catching up with everything that I missed while I was away. Expect more posts in the next few days.

Off to the land of milk and honey

I am off Israel for just under 3 weeks, so I wont be posting with any frequency until I return.

Also while I am away all comments will be held for moderation until I can approve them (which may take several days), to prevent the increasing amount offensive tasteless spam from appearing sullying this otherwise perfect site.


Cuba was an amazing (though expensive) place to travel.

We started out in Varadero, a boring beach resort town…

Off to Cuba!

I am off to Cuba to congratulate Fidel on his miraculous recovery.

Ill be gone for just over two weeks, and hopefully ill be able to post some pictures during my travels.

Home at last

I finally made it home, and the jet lag is almost gone. The flight back was quite comfortable… at least compared to travel in SE Asia; the seats were comfortable, there was lots of leg room, there were no chickens, it was great.