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Dancing Booby

A Dancing Blue-footed Booby showing off his stunning blue feet
A Dancing Blue-footed Booby showing off his stunning blue feet

At Seymour Norte island in the Galapagos Islands

Curious Sea Lions

This curious sea lion was very interested in the little blue box (camera) I was holding
This curious sea lion was very interested in the little blue box (camera) I was holding

Our last full day in the Galapagos ended with a swim with 4 curious young sea lions. It was all fun and games until the beachmaster showed up.

1000 ways to die in Ecuador

Way #256: Becoming Arapaima food
These carnivorous arapaima were 2.5 meters long and very hungry

Thankfully they don’t have any teeth so all their food has to fit down their throats, so we were relatively safe.

Way #512: This

No one in their right mind would ever get on a rickety rope swing 70 meters up, but you aren’t in your right mind. Or at least I wasn’t.

Bonus way to die: White water canoeing in a dugout canoe
Everything is going as well as can be expected until you slam into some rocks.

Mountain Gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After making the long journey to the picturesque Bwindi National Park (tightly clutching our gorilla tracking permits), and hiking down 600 metres to the valley bottom where the Mountain Gorillas were busy eating their breakfast we got to spend 1 hour (which was definitely not enough, but is all that is allowed) with the amazing apes.







Hunting on New Year’s Eve

This lion (along with 4 others) were hunting 200 metres from our tent on New Year’s eve on the bank of the Nile at Murchison Falls, Uganda

Hunting Lion

A day with my closest living relatives…

Which would be chimpanzees of course! I am in fact 98% chimp… and so are you.

Can you see the resemblance?








Its like looking in a mirror that is 98% accurate!

Taken in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Black-headed weaver

Amazing little birds that weave basket like nests.

Building a nest:
Black-headed Waver

Leaving in search of more nesting material:
Black-headed Waver

Taken in Bigodi, Uganda.

More pics from Uganda

Back In Kampala after spending several nights in a tent in Queen Elizabeth National Park surrounded by lions, hyenas and Hippos.

Here are a few pictures of the amazing wildlife we have seen.


Marabou Stork


Uganda teaser pic

So far I have taken over 2500 pictures. But the internet here is too slow for me to upload much, and you probably want me to go through the mountain of pictures and only show the ones worth showing (who needs to see 75 almost identical pictures of the shoebill?)

So for now enjoy this teaser pic of an African Jacana flying over the Mabamba swamp just after sunrise:

African Jacana