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Black-headed weaver

Amazing little birds that weave basket like nests.

Building a nest
Leaving in search of more nesting material:

Taken in Bigodi, Uganda.

More pics from Uganda

Back In Kampala after spending several nights in a tent in Queen Elizabeth National Park surrounded by lions, hyenas and Hippos.

Here are a few pictures of the amazing wildlife we have seen.

Uganda teaser pic

So far I have taken over 2500 pictures. But the internet here is too slow for me to upload much, and you probably want me to go through the mountain of pictures and only show the ones worth showing (who needs to see 75 almost identical pictures of the shoebill?)

So for now enjoy this teaser pic of an African Jacana flying over the Mabamba swamp just after sunrise:

Symphony of Fire

It used to be called the symphony of fire, now it is called the celebration of light which sounds like Christmas to me. Thankfully it is still a bunch of fireworks set off to music.

A trip to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary

A trip to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary is always a good time… especially when I have my camera with me:

I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Sandhill Cranes